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Find New Opportunities in the Streaming Industry Even During the Pandemic

March 24, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed our lives during the past months, and we hope you are safe and sound as you are reading this post. Unfortunately, the lockdown has brought numerous businesses to a standstill as people were forced to shelter in place. However, this was not the case for ICF. One of our core businesses is developing streaming services and, with most people stuck at home lately, this domain has skyrocketed. Read on and find out why streaming services are booming during the pandemic and how to get hired in this promising domain.

What Streaming Services Kept People Busy During the Lockdown?

There’s much more to streaming services than being able to watch movies and videos online. This technology also enables users to play games, socialize, and stream all sorts of content. In short, every form of entertainment that is traditionally provided in a live, face to face setting, is nowadays also available online via streaming platforms.

As a result, these services that literally kept people busy during the lockdown have seen unprecedented growth. Moreover, they soothed millions of distressed and anxious people who managed to forget about the deadly virus, at least for a little bit by streaming some of their favorite content or engaging in remote conversation.

To get a broader picture of how streaming services flourished in the first quarter of 2020, in the context of the pandemic, here is a concrete example. Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, has gained almost 16 million new customers worldwide since the beginning of the year, with many of these new users joining the platform after the pandemic was officially declared.

Getting a Job in the Streaming Industry

If you are looking for a safe job now when most companies can’t ensure much stability due to the pandemic, the streaming industry can offer you good prospects. This market is on the rise and, judging by the increasing number of users that require streaming content, it will continue to thrive.

These services will continue to prosper and to represent a reliable source of revenue. Therefore, if you are tech-savvy and you have experience working online, getting a job in the streaming industry could be the next big step in your career.

Why not start your job hunt right here and now at ICF, a world market leader in live streaming technologies? Our company is constantly looking for new talent. Check out the latest job openings available in our team.

Security, flexibility, cutting edge technologies, and good growth opportunities in an innovative company are on the table.

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