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Technology runs through our veins as the primary life source of all we produce at ICF. Built into our DNA is a profound appreciation for the value of building great products through superior engineering and relentless focus on adding value to our customers.

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People come first for us

This strategy has paid off well, today we are the world leader in live streaming technology - powering some of the biggest websites - and we are still just getting started.

As much as we love technology and work tirelessly to make ours the best, technology does not come first for us - people do. Unity is one of our core values because solidarity throughout the organisation is imperative if we are to accomplish our ever-ambitious goals. We put a premium on decency and respect, and look for people who are willing to set unbridled personal ambition aside when the time calls for it, to promote the efforts of their teammates.


ICF's parent company born


19 employees


New Seattle office purchased


70 employees


10 million registered users worldwide


Opening Dutch operations


300+ employees


Opening Romanian operations


Opening Hungarian operations


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